Container In Store

We had been following the Grateful Dead as college students during our spring breaks and summer breaks and selling friendship bracelets to retailers along the east coast beaches to earn money for college. After graduation we heard from countless potential employers “why do you want to work for someone else when you already know how to run your own business?” We decided to settle down in Columbus and give retail a try. Two months after graduating from Ohio University we began looking at retail spaces. We found just one leasing agent willing to give us a shot. Our first location opened at the Lane Avenue Shopping Center in October of 1989.

By April of 1990 we had a second location at The French Market at the Continent. Over the years we have moved the stores a few times and even added a third. We have met some amazing people along the way. We greatly appreciate the continued support that we receive from our loyal customers and the community. Being a small business isn’t easy but we love what we do and we wouldn’t change a thing!

❤️ Greg and Wendy