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Lucky Bamboo, botanical name Dracaena, is a tropical plant of the lily family with naked branches ending in tufts of sword shaped leaves.  Its origin is South East Asia and now becomes a unique indoor plant from nature with a long life.  Lucky Bamboo enjoys indoor environments and dislikes direct sunlight.  Air exposure comforts its green leaves.  Keep the plant in clean water, making sure to change it at least once a month. One inch of water level is needed at all times.  High water levels may induce excessive roots. Asians believe bamboo is lucky and brings wealth.  The round shape with layers gives you good feng shui.

Money Trees, botanical name Pachira, are plants with thick trunks and thin branches, which have 5 big green leaves on top.  Believed to bring luck and fortune to any home.  Caring for this tree is like any other indoor plant.  Use soil to hold the roots, brief sunlight and light watering will keep the plant healthy. One belief about money trees is that the twisted tree represents a human hand with 5 fingers (the 5 leaves) getting the money and the cage (twisted trunks) locking the money away.  Another belief is that each leaf symbolizes the 5 fundamental feng shui elements: metal, wood, water, fire, earth.  Therefore the money tree will activate the missing or weak element within its environment.