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A common saying is “ one wears their heart on their sleeve”.  Well now you can do that with our bracelets! We have so many designs and textures available that if you can think it, we probably have it as something you can wear. Our leather bracelets offer you a deep brown color with a connecting stone in the center.  On the stone is an engraved image ranging from celtic, mystic, dragons, multiple animals, peace signs, and Asian characters. We do carry leather bands with no additions besides intricate designs pressed into the leather or wound together in a braid.

Looking for something to shine?  We stock our shelves with the hottest trends our silver Native American inspired bands are our best seller and go well with any outfit. Energy beads made from genuine stones are also very important in today’s culture.  With all the negativity going around in the world, it helps to have a little extra energy to keep you positive and striving for your dreams. These come in 4mm or 8mm sizes and stretch to fit any size wrist.  Chain link bracelets are delicate and fit well with a summer maxi-dress.  These come with intricate beading and one focal point, like the center of a dream catcher, as a show stopper.