Container In Store

These precious gifts are great for creating a peaceful and healing space while being practical as well.  Our tea sets bring true Asian culture to your table with the quality of the product as a priority.  Many use our tea sets with our Zen gardens.  The two paired together in your home create a serene atmosphere awaiting you when you sit on the couch with some tea after work.  Our Zen gardens also work well in corporate spaces.  They’re big enough to draw any patterns with the tools provided in the kit, but small enough not to take up to much of your desk space. Our Trendy variety brings this ancient culture into the present with authentic Buddha statues and the ever true Waving Cat Good Fortune statues.

Our collection of Buddha and Asian Culture grows constantly.  We’re expanding our products to include reusable chopsticks, painted ornate fans, authentic silk fans, Chinese medicine balls, and more. Stop in to see our changing and growing collections.