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Our stock at Tropical Trends is quite unique, why would our jewelry be any different?  Aside from our body jewelry like gauges, nose rings, and such, we carry many types of earrings.  Our two best sellers vary between studs and dangles.  Our studs are sterling silver and come in sturdy designs for those of us that forget to take them out at night. Ranging anywhere from animal, mystical, suns, religious and many more shapes like stars and hearts are available too.  We do carry gemstone studs for a little flash.  

If you feel more comfortable wearing dangle earrings, they come in many different shapes, size, mediums, and more.  With our selection available at both stores, you have the choice between small or big, light or lighter, colorful or black. We are very proud of our earrings because we have something for everyone.  Even those that like to ride a motorcycle when the weather is nice!  Visit either of our locations to see the pieces we are proud to provide you.