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When it comes to ring trends, Tropical Trends is current with the craze.  We specialize in sterling silver rings.  The large silver skull designs are a show stopper for your hands.  A lot of men come into our store specifically asking for that collection.  Our collection of thinner bands for the dainty fingers is well stocked as well.  Everything from trees, peace signs, butterflies, celtic knots, and many more designs await around the corner at Tropical Trends. Gemstones, cubic zirconia, other rock creations are blended together to bring a style of their own.

Looking for something a little more “out-of-the-box”?  Our variety ranges from Asian, Native American, animalistic, puzzle and more including the much sought after spinner rings. They pair well with our collections of bracelets and necklaces. Stop in to see what we’ve got for you.